Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Box

So many of us, we wake up every day in fear. We're scared, and we're so frightened to leave the box. We work in a box, we drive to the office in a box, we eat lunch out of a box, we go home and live in a box, we spend five hours every night watching a box, and then we die in a box and call it a life. And my intent, my passion, my promise to you, is to remind you, you're not supposed to live in a box and die in a box. And to remind you, don't believe in that way of mass thinking.

Monday, May 8, 2017

For the month of April.

April was not the most interesting month in 2017, it contained a lot of mundane and monotonous tasks that I had to accomplish, nonetheless I got payed for it so I can't exactly complain.

Since May just started let me give you guys some details as to what's been going on.

May 1st, 2017:

Seems like I've been experiencing these weird psycho-inducing dreams of a vision of nuclear apocalypse caused by afterwar dilemma(green plane I was dreaming about turned out to keep haunting me even after I went to bed) All these things seem to align perfectly when I keep them in my head but if I tell some other person they are not going to understand. It's highly expected that people are not going to understand your dreams because they are purely subjective, but the concept of subjectivity is so vague anyway, it deals with what is true and what is reality from the person's head, but how do I know it's true? It's probably not, that's the thing.

May 2nd, 2017:

Standard, water, more water. Bed.

May 3rd 2017:

The nightmares seem to keep coming back, I'm definitely not playing Syphon Filter this time around, things keep transcribing their way into my head and it's writing it's own visual novel. I fucking hate visual novels.

May 4th 2017:

Complete honor and glory taking place in my cranium. Didn't know that the heros from 300 were playing war inside my head.

May 5th 2017:

IT scripts, boxing, exercise. The same old. Not too bad.

May 6th 2017:

Taking up meditation has allowed me to channel my thoughts onto more positive outlooks such as the color of deciduous trees or the piquant scent of tomato salsa.

May 7th 2017:

More meditative practices, editing a 3D animation.

May 8th 2017:

World War III Prediction Story
- Building a Roman Colosseum on top of L.A Inter. Airport.
- See a police drone fly by the sunny cumulonimbus clouds.
- Witness a plane crash into a empty grass field near a financial center.
- "Is this some kind of sick joke?"
- Notice a green plane crash directly into an urban center with tons of people in there
- Being shot at by IGA snipers (bad guys)
- FBI director walks into airport, "EVERYONE GET DOWN AND KEEP YOUR HEADS LOW"
- I go to signup process at checking terminal
- Dreamcast like icons, with iPhone to go to signup process.
- Name, Gender, Skills, Etc.
- Pick up riot shotgun dropped by Airport security

Have a good night, I seriously hope I never experience that dream again. Quite strange and not resourceful at all.