Saturday, March 4, 2017

TDSOC: "The Dark Side of Capitalism"

I'm sure plenty of posts like this were made in the past from some guy that probably read too many PKD books, but I want to put my take on it. 

I was walking into a convenience store earlier today and wanted to pick up some cereal bars. They are not exactly the best tasting as I later would figure out. Fucking genetic engineering. 

Anyway, the main purpose was the man that was ahead in line of me. Before him stood a bottle of ibuprofen and I was wondering what was wrong with the dude. Turns out he had some sort of allergic problems and needed to take pain away from his body. 

Pills are another story for another time. Moving on. 

He then proceeded to grab 2 full boxes of Tasty-Kakes. Now if you know anything about that poison just by reading WebMD for two seconds, they'll tell you that you're not supposed to have sugar period, in fact; sugar is the main proponent to developmental problems in children which is why you see a bunch of skinny fat losers walking around playing with their dicks all day long. These fuckers are unbelievably bad.

It still fascinates me to this day that someone can walk into a store and buy a health product and still manage to buy a sugary snack that will overload your blood pressure to the max. Kinda half ass backwards if you ask me. If you're trying to stay healthy on pills(problem in its own right) atleast drop the sugar inducing caca. Goddamn dude, you might as well sleep in a coffin and watch 2004 spanish rom coms. 

If more people payed attention to their food consumption and pill popping maybe we wouldn't have such an epidemic for social issues, maybe we might breed excellence, but that's the fascist in me talking. Sadly, the majority of America is too stupid or too lazy to read basic Internet articles even though we live in the 21st century and have access to information at our fingertips. All this information is publicly available, all you have to do is browse. Don't let the man fuck you in the ass! 

Have a great night, and don't fuck around with cereal bars. They are disgusting.