Friday, February 24, 2017

Signal to Noise Ratio

I haven't made any blog posts in the month of February, but I promise their will be more updates for the souls that are still reading this abysmal page. 

I have something that will tingle your scientific receptodes


Defined from Wikipedia is simply a variance of signal to noise.

SNR = Psignal / Pnoise, where P is the average power. They must be measured in the same system bandwidth. 

There was actually a song by The Police that deals with this. It goes something like..

Too much information running through my head, too much information to store in my head.

Anyway, the science behind it is fascinating and all, but the real purpose is the ability to travel through different mediums. Today we are constantly interrupted in all areas of our life by strange noises and satellite/radio signals that constantly interfere with our way of thinking.

If you think about it, it's killing us faster than we think. You see wannabe rap stars in their classes in highschool rap about all these hip sadomasochistic rhymes and bullshit that they learned off of some other retard that didn't manage to get his head straight. Or another example is looking at the hot trends on sites like BuzzFeed and filling your pea sized head with vortex fuel or simply information that isn't useful anywhere. 

The human memory can hold SO MUCH, but it can also hold so little if you don't exercise your mind with the right information.  

Food for thought lads.

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