Friday, January 13, 2017

YouTube Taking Down Videos that they deem "Inappropriate".

YouTube has always been known for taking down videos they deem inappropriate for public viewing, but I have a feeling the most recent and outrageous example would have to be Bombstrap's new video 100% Taxes. 

If you guys don't know who Bombstrap is, he's Charles Caroll of MDE(MillionDollarExtreme). MDE is a cool collective of dudes and some dudettes that mainly screw around with video editing and comedy sketches. A lot of their community are great people and I highly recommend it for anyone to join. 

The main premise of this post is that YouTube should take their content policy less seriously than they believe they do. For instance, there have been numerous prank videos on YouTube that very basically soft-core pornos disguised as "kissing" videos, which were the equivalent of a horse eating peanut butter, just fucking disgusting in all aspects. 

Bombstrap is a VERY, very good channel and I highly recommend anyone who reads FDFF check it out! 

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