Saturday, January 21, 2017

Memory's Sorrows: A Story of VaporWave from my Perspective Part 1

I even called it by it's correct appellation, VaporWave.

VaporWave seems like it's getting into the mainstream slowly but surely, you can even see it being printed on some alternative teenager's left arm or maybe their crazy Jansport backpack.

That's pretty VaporWave in itself but doesn't really give you an understanding of what it really is. In fact it could be called OutRun, but I'll save that for my Internet Postmortem.

In these parts and pans I'll be trying to uncover the rolling history of a music genre turned art direction, turned mind bender in just a few easy steps.

From my own head and recollection.

VaporWave is a collection of thoughts that you had growing up ONLY and IF ONLY you...

A. Spent a lot of time on the WWW
B. Played video games at some kid's house that you never went back to because you had a dysfunctional family incapable of keeping some sort of friendship.
C. Read a lot of electronic manuals that you or someone in your family gave you because they thought that you were going to become some sort of tech wizard in the coming years.

If you do not fit in any of those three categories, then you truly cannot understand what VaporWave is.

This is my definition

VaporWave (n): A classification of discharged, underdeveloped glitched memories synced with 1990s electronic music that sounds like it's straight out of a Video Game Main Menu or Windows 98(NOT 95)  installation screen.

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