Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Internet Rant No.00001

(look at this propaganda colors)

The Internet is home to a variety of opinions, but they have been tremendously oversold. This is too broad of a topic to cover in a small blog post but it's worth mentioning as the majority of you are connected to the Net while reading this, or if you're not you're probably viewing a cached page your friend printed out for you because you're a disenfranchised swine.

If you guys don't know who John Pilger is, he is an Australian Journalist driven by very imperialist agenda. Good for him really. 

He claims that the people that control the Internet are the American government and multinationals. Funny how when Tim Berner's Lee created the first fully connected Internet server on his NEXTSTEP machine, that it would be run for the people by the people; kinda like a people's democracy. Sadly it has turned into a really poor rendered image of a fat lady eating rocky road ice cream. You can't see the difference. 

What divides a skilled computer user from an unskilled one is that ability to store text or documents on a computer. If you can do that, then you have a higher IQ than the majority of people that use their smart phones to search the first result on Google about shoes or some bookstore(not amazon, lol 

My inside jokes aren't making you laugh and I'm speaking--writing-- in a particular way that is probably pissing you off. If anyone actually reads this they probably think I'm some sort of curmudgeon fuck who sits in his room and talks about the pointless and petty topics that no one really pays attention too. You're wrong.

My goal on this blog is to give you an analysis of the device that you use pretty much everyday of the fucking week. Lets be honest, you use the Internet when you probably need to take a shit because you're dopamine addicted mind can't fucking wait until you see that one Netflix episode because some titwad at the water-color where you work decided it was a great idea to share his "binge watching" with his co-workers. 

Stay strong, and get outside. It's much better out there and fresher.

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