Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HighDeath HighSchool: Writing Assignments

We all hated them.

Who didn't? I'm all for writing as you can clearly tell but the majority of in school assignments had to do with you writing about some schoolgirl's catholic uniform or the fact that the majority of pseudo depressed and anorexic teens can't help but not eat because Miley ((VIRUS)) took her top off and decided to fuck with some black guy she couldn't help find "bootylicious".

Most topics in Highschool ranged like this I kid you not and I wish we had more creative output when writing a particular essay. It wasn't really that hard to implement, just give kids more opportunity to expand on their creative horizons. Don't let teachers try to control them by giving them some sort of weird lecture on why the state requires you to write about marijuana.

be yourselves but in reason.

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