Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017: The Year of the F.D.F.F

Hello and welcome all to the year 2017, I'm your host for the next year. The name's Cyber Pagan. Call me whatever you want really, doesn't have to be anything professional either. Could be coach if you want. 

I want to start off by saying happy new year, I'm starting this blog primarily to track my progress as a human being. I will be posting a variety of topics that will interest a variety of people. If you don't enjoy my blog, that's too bad. The internet was not made for your crazy whims and woes so just leave if you have a problem. 

Anyway, make 2017 great again and all that crap but in reality just be yourself and everything will be fine.

Tomorrow will be the start of the real blog for real efforts, not some nonchalant attempt to gather and accumulate readers. 

Peace out, 

Cyber Pagan XLord Combo Breaker Bravo Killer.

P.S Don't make 2017 start off bad, make sure to spend time with the ones that are closest to you and don't have a problem with your strange idiosyncrasies. If you heard my voice in real life you might think I have Asperger syndrome because I sound like have a multi-galactic accent.